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State choir Vilnius is one of the most mature and strongest choirs in Lithuania. It is the innovative, flexible, creative, highly artistic and one of the most prominent concert groups of today’s Lithuania, which raised a number of talented professional singers and prepared dozens of programmes. The choir develops activities mindful of the Lithuanian culture by offering the audience the most beautiful moments of choral music performance. In cooperation with the famous Lithuanian performers, the choir annually organises more than 70 concerts, where one can hear the works of different styles from all the eras: from the tunes of the ancient music to the popular dissonance chimes and complex modern music.
Since the beginning of creation of the choir, the group has been directed by Rimantas Zdanavičius (1970-1976), Antanas Jozėnas (1976-1992), Jurijus Kalcas (1992-2001), Povilas Gylys (2001-2015), and as of 2015 by Artūras Dambrauskas. Fifty professional singers, who completed the choral conducting and choral singing studies, are singing in the choir. The vocal singing skills are taught by Asta Krikščiūnaitė, the laureate of the national award, while the pianist Dainius Jozėnas accompanies the choir during the concerts.
The mission of the state choir Vilnius is to initiate creation, dispersion and immortalisation of the Lithuanian choral art, to search for the works of the Lithuanian choral art that have not yet been performed, and to revive the masterpieces of the golden fund. The group works boldly and purposively towards spreading the Lithuanian and world choral art by introducing the most valuable works of the highest artistic level to the society.
The choir Vilnius strives towards becoming widely known not only in Lithuania or Europe, but also to be a globally recognised group able to creatively impart the values of the world music culture, present the national choral art, cooperate with the prominent and recognised artists and young talented performers.
The main goals of the concert group is to raise versatile artists, who professionally perform the music of different eras and styles; to prepare educational programmes involving the regional armature, children and youth art groups; to form and improve the image of the professional choral art by attractively presenting it during the concerts.
Purposeful professional ambition has ripened the new forms of activities. Every season the choir implements important projects and prepares new programmes. The group is not only a participant of a number of the music festivals, national events and song festivals, but also an organiser of the cultural projects and a laureate of the international competitions.
During the period of its existence the choir has organised more than 100 large scale works and about 1000 choral miniatures, nearly 300 recorded works are stored in the LRT funds, while the most prominent and valuable programmes are recorded on 14 compact disks. Every year the repertoire is supplemented by the newest compositions of the foreign and Lithuanian composers, and more than 10 new concert hour long programmes. Concert activity, organisation of festivals and promotion of cultural activities speak of the professional and artistic maturity of the choir, its subtle music sensibility, appreciation of the choral culture and disclosure thereof for the hearts of the audience of different generations.