1970 -1992

Choir „Vilnius” – one of the most prominent Lithuanian contemporary choirs, as Jonas Bruveris said, „visible, audible and much needed“. The choir was found on 1970 by Lithuanian Society of the Blind as a chamber mixed choir and until 1976 the leader was Rimantas Zdanavičius.
„I am always impressed by the special, extraordinary sensitivity of your team“, wrote Jonas Aleksa for the choir 10 years anniversary. At that time the leader was Antanas Juozėnas (1976-1992).

1992 - 2001

From 1992 years, the choir was grown by prof. Jurijus Kalcas and during that time – on 1996 – the collective was given the status of a professional concert institution.
In repertoire has always been a place for choral classics and news by Lithuanian composers. Recently the choir found two prominent trends in the repertoire: one of them is still the academic work of foreign and Lithuanian composers and other –
a sharper turn to lighter genres, pop music and popular music.
As the composer Rimvydas Žigaitis said: „„Vilnius“ not just performs the works of world famous classics, but it also encourages the creation of Lithuanian composers.”

Change of repertoire

Motivating and inspiring Lithuanian composer, choir „Vilniaus” actively performs the premieres of Lithuanian artists.
In the repertoire there are compositions from the basics of Lithuanian professional music religious works till the works by contemporary authors.
The choir produced programs dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of composers.
Recently, choir Vilnius has been colouring its repertoire with lighter colors – they prepared a programm of songs of composer Laimis Vilkončius what is called „Invisible Vilkončius” and a jazz and a folklore synthesis project „Jazz-Folk”.

2001 - 2015

Prof. Povilas Gylys was artistic director and principal conductor of choir „Vilniaus” for fifteen years. Choir became a state institution on 2010 through his proposal work.
Very important ingredient in the high artistic level is the emotion – as the brother Dominican Saulius Rumšas wrote: “in the choir performs intertwined professionalism and spirit”.

2015 - today

Current leader of choir „Vilniaus” is Lithuanian famous conductor and peadagogue Artūras Dambrauskas. Since he took over the leadership of the Choir in 2015, he has introduced fresh changes in the creative strategy of the group. By combining art music and easy listening music in the repertoire, he further reinforces the multifaceted profile of the choir. From this time, the repertoire of the choir „Vilniaus” will be more explicitly designed in two directions- academic and popular music.

Educational activities

Choir „Vilniaus” for his existence gives a meaning with educational activities. It is very multifaceted: choir popularizes the choral music not only in the big citties of Lithuania but even in a small towns, represents Lithuanian choir art while traveling abroad.
It is very important for collective that the listeners of choir „Vilniaus” would grow up together and for this reason choir organizes an educational projects.

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